A few questions about my looks?

1. Rate me from 1-10(honest please)?
2. Do i look good with a beard?
3. would i look better with long hairstyle? and if no, what hairstyle would be better for me?
4. do i look attractive? i mean would you go on a date with me?
5. do i look 16 or older?

This is me with a beard at the moment
A few questions about my looks?

and i would like to get a hairstyle like this this hair style
girls' opinions are so important to me,
and this is a link if you want more photos of me


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1) sorry I don't rate, I don't like that system it could make people insecure. You are very beautiful though :)
    2) yes you do
    3) not necessarily better but I think you'd look good with that hair style~
    4) yes but only if we matched mentally. I look for a personality before I do looks.
    5) you look older maybe 18-20?

    • Thank you very much... :)

      yes most of the people i meet say i look 20, i guess it's the facial hair or the face structure.

    • No problem~ I'd say your facial structure and the expression in your eyes. Your eyes suggest you are older

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  • I don't ratings 1-10 but you don't look bad. I think your angry facial expression in the first two photos doesn't flatter you. Smile!


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  • Ice Cube? :OOO