How do I impress her?

So im a decently attractive 15 year old guy whos had many admirers before. But I like this girl who sits in front of me in one class and right across me in another. She too has had a lot of admirers. she's very popular and considers me to be as well, which I guess I am given that I hang out with the popular guys and her friends generally like me.

We consider each other friends, we always talk and laugh, to the point where some of our friends (and even my maths teacher at one point!) tease us, but we both shrug it off.
But I think there's signs that indicate she feels to me the same way I feel about her.

She glances at me quite a few times. Once I was fiddling with my pen and i looked up and noticed she was looking at me and then looked away. Majority of our conversations started from her, maybe its a sign she loves to talk? When we do talk she looks right at me and doesn't move her stare. Once one of our friends wrote in my book that she likes me, tho he's a funny guy and wouldve wrote any ones name there or whoever was sitting there, it couldve been someone else anyway. But when she looked at it (when I wasn't looking) she stayed silent and just turned around, didn't really give off a reaction.

There were rumours about one of her best friends liking me and she teased me a lot. This may not be a good thing, but in my school the more someone teases you about someone else, the more that person likes you, though this may not always be the case.

One my friends thinks im out of her league (he didn't mean it in an offensive way, she's just very good looking) and im afraid that despite many nice looking girls liking me before, she maybe is.

Based on the aforementioned signs, does she like me, and I want to know how I can impress her regardless of the answer to the first question (remmeber we're just 15 years old). I dont wanna straight away ask her out, just make her definitely like me and take an interest in me.


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  • Unless you guys are really close, she has to like you.
    A girl won't initiate conversation unless they like you. :)
    I don't think you need to do anything besides be yourself as she already seems impressed. If you don't want to ask her straight up try getting her number (unless you already have it) then ask if she'd like to hang out like maybe be like "Hey, my friends don't want to see this movie with me and I really want to see it. Would you maybe like to come with?" or something. So it's not a "date" , but you still get to see what she's like outside of school and increase your chances :D.

    • Haha, well im known for being kind of a dope or clumsy guy, but very funny too. I say a lot of funny things as well, and once she evn said "Oh (name), you're so funny) and laughed, so maybe a good sign. But I definitely dont wanna act like a clumsy fool😫😯😯

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    • OK so im conifedent but I still would like to impress her more. How do I impress her in terms of looks, behaviour, physique, social behaviour etc?

    • For social behavior there is a video on buzz feed, I think it's called "What man is more attractive" or "Which man is more attractive" something along the lines, and it talks about which male's social interaction is preferred among women and gay men.
      When it comes to looks I can't really say because it has to do with preference and experience more and I'm not her. Yet, guys with good posture and narrowed eyebrows tend to be viewed as more attractive.
      Today feminine looking men are more desired than masculine men, so like if you can try to look more "youthful" ig. I know you probably hate these guys, but the boys from "The Tide" are examples of someone more youthful looking or young Leonardo.

  • Oh dear... I think she likes you. I usually do that, when I have a crush on someone. She might have teased you cuz she didn't want to make her best friend sad. I think she stayed silent when she saw the note, because she didn't want to make it oblivious, and she might even be jealous...

    • Oh OK cool. So then how do I impress her now in terms of looks, behaviour, physique, social behaviour etc before I do what jailuvsash said?

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  • well sir be yourself if you feel that you like her share each other interest on what she likes and share some personalities that you both have do not be straight forward on anything tell her about your goals and dreams and do some activites with her there will people talking the best way to know if someone else likes you they will be jealous don't let anyone tease you not even your teacher but don't backtalk to her instead tell your parents about the teacher and about the class and tell your parents that you like this girl they would help you on what to do just remember to impress someone is to be yourself when I was growing up I was a role model as well in High School your not alone don't worry I have had your position too so I know what it feels like that