How are people so satisfied with their looks?

based on this site and the HDIL questions, i would be considered a 4-6/10 and that itself is enough to make me suicidal since being that low means i cannot be attractive to women ever, even the fat ugly ones. For a guy, u have to be super good looking without any fucked up features and then having a good body and height if u want to be even a 7/10 but for a woman just dont be hippo or ugly. Even knowing this fact, people are happy with their life. How?

Men should literally not be alive if they are under 7/10's by dating world standards and fat and ugly woman should be sent to their own private island to live in solitude and not spread their genetic trash in other unfortunate humans and feminazi views if u ask me.

  • Tbh, you are right, its no point living if ur not a great looking guy or an average to above girl
  • There is more to life
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to give u an idea of a 7/10, colin farrell and brad pitt are 7/10 to prime women these days and if u look under them, u shouldn't see point in being alive
i swear if i didn't find a girl who liked me so much, i would be dead by now. I am sure she will break up with me too when she finds someone better which is ebery 2nd guy


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  • Really? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty also changes wit time and trends. If we take the people we find super attractive today back in time 100 years they will be considered not so hott.

    I'm going to speak for most women when I say we women do not look at men the same way men look at women. Women can be attracted a below avarage guy simply beacuse of his personality or his charm. Women are usually not stimulated by the physical aspects of their partners the way men are. Women are more emotional thus they fall for personality more so then men do. Lastly who cares about looks we change as we age. I have seen some guys who looked not so hott in their early 20s and then their 30s hit and omg... and the complete opposite can happen too. Please focus on things that matter ! Looks don't matter


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  • @vnmc1231231111 Firstly, you are not white, but an Indian - i. e. you are viewed as undesirable by women. Secondly, get a life.

    • @elissadido, is this the guy?

    • @Elissadido?

    • My race is not an issue, some white people look good some shit, some Indian look good some shit.

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  • At least work on what you can control, like your level of fitness and success. If you're striving and accomplishing, even if it's one small goal at a time, you'll feel better, and do better over time as well. Less doomsday, more hope. Step by step.

  • i never understood people who put that much weight in strangers' opinions

    • ur not ugly, u won at life -_-

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    • yep, i was rihanna for a good couple months

    • oh i am vnmc XD

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