Can losing a lot of weight be the worst thing to happen?

Ever since i lost a lot of weight, i feel more insecure about my looks. I am a 4/10 after losing all the weight and this fact makes me want to kill myself. When i was a fatso, i didn't give a fuck and was happier not caring what people though and eating and drinking whatever the fuck i wanted. Now i HATE myself and feel suicidal, even gone for 3 counselling sessions.

  • Yeah, no point losing weight if ur ugly
  • There is still point
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    • good job trying to hide ur wide nose compared to mouth with the lighting. U ain't fooling me babe, bee into this far too much ;)

      also upper eyelid exposure and possible negative canthal tilt when looking ahead, SUBHUMAN

      but hey, ur a woman and she is beautiful as long as she isn't ugly ;)

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    • ur looks dont entitle u to select the first choice or even answer this question. Ur still 15 though, so start mewing, might help a little

    • Are you speak English what does this shit even mean?

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  • This question made me feel very sad , I know that our looks can have a big toll on ourselves but what exactly is bothering you? Do you feel too skinny? Or do you feel like losing weight has made you look unattractive in your face?

  • some people look better when they have a little chubbiness in them. i know a few people who lost a lot of weight and looked way better when they had weight on them... i look less attractive since i lost some body fat

    • I was butt freakin ugly before now I am just ugly

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