Girls, What kind of girls like my type? and rate?

What kind of girls like my type of a guy?

5'9, skinny, sarcastic, likes to joke, hobbies: gaming/soccer/breakdancing, music: hip hop (oldschool), upbeat stuff.

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What Girls Said 3

  • I like sarcastic, funny people. The last guy I was into was sorta like you too except he was 6'2" and was super into gaming and programming.
    I'm not sure about the types of girls that like guys like you but I would imagine it shouldn't be too hard to attract someone.

    • "Except he was 6'2"

      haha. That's a big exception...

    • Nah the height thing isn't a very big deal. Before I met him the guy I was into was like 1 inch taller than me so like 5'4" lmao

  • no one has a type dude. go out and have fun. meet girls of different ethnicities backgrounds body types personalities. I mean how old are you? just have fun p

  • Not me.

    • I guess not many do. What type of guys do u like?

    • Not into Asian guys or skinny guys. Don't like gamers or hip hop.

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