This user I have started following makes me feel like trash about not getting girls THAT easily?

I see joseywhales and look at his latest question

How the hell do people do it, i dont get it, i have had sex once but it was nowhere near this easy and no girl has ever talked to me like that like wtf lol

  • He is super duper hot
  • He must have some real game
  • You need to stop being so socially awkward, CONFIDENCE
  • People lie loads on the internet
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@joesyyyywhales, what do u do man? help me out bruh
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  • Not to be rude or anything but bro I think he's actually pretty ugly. What do I know anyway, I'm just a kid. But he's definitely not that hot. At all.
    And even if you or others think he is, don't put yourself down becayse of it. I do the same with a lot girls around my age and it's not a good thing to do, trust me. Just take care of yourself the best way you can, smile and try harder. It changes a lot.

    P. S. don't over do it like this guy, it's seriously annoying. "im perfect" "im sexy" yeayeayea sure.

    • Okay chunky monkey lol

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    • I'm 14, the last thing I worry about is guys "like you" looking at me honestly. And I don't try to tear anybody down at all.
      I shared my opinion and I said I honestly think you don't look attractive. MY opinion, period. I don't need to change my attitude, I know I'm not perfect, unlike you yeah, but I know what I'm saying. And yes of course I'm still growing up but apparently somebody else still needs to do it too. And now since you're perfect and you can do everything, you certainly don't need a woman's help and you can do a sandwich with your own hands. You're the only one here who's not being logic. :)

    • Typical of those who can't handle an opinion they don't like, saying "shut up" followed by some sexist comment. Very mature! I'm not the younger one here then. Good to know.

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  • I workout, take care of myself, and put myself out there. I get rejected a lot bro, it just takes some confidence in yourself.

    • how do u approach women?

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    • Confidence. Its king bro. Doesn't matter who you are, you can get laid with confidence.

    • Eat healthy, drink lots of water. It does a lot for your body and mind. I don't worry that much and it keeps me calm and in control

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  • kee hoya phenchod hahaha.. tenu kise kuriye ni aundi ah aahaha
    shiv sena maachodo

    • Ik kudi nu choda si par oh soni vi si par aini tharki nahi jinni Eddi bandi haigi 😂😂

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