How can I have clear glowing skin naturally?

I am still 20 so age shouldn't be a factor.

I realized my skin is that of an old man, not wrinkly or anything but its like someone sucked the collagen out of it. I have a sickly look on my skin. Imagine the pale skin people get when Indoors too long but with a slightly dark, I think olive like skin colour. what do I do?

I should mention, I haven't worked out in a while and been consuming too much sugar, caffeine, junk etc


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  • I would suggest getting some vitamins, and getting out in the sunlight more. The sun is wonderful for the skin, it brings nutrients and vitamins to the skin naturally. mind you don't stay out too long and use a sun screen of course.
    Also, try to cut back on caffeine, and those sugary drinks. I found using coffee in college, made me so groggy and tired everyday no matter how much I drank.

    Try detox water (water with fruit for additional vitamins) it helps clear your system, water is purifying to the skin too, which helps. Also tea, it has a lighter amount of caffeine, but is also very good for the body.

    As for the skin pigment, try using egg whites on your face. I know, it sounds weird but it works.
    I had a bad rash one summer, that was over my face and neck, my prescrip. medication was a cream, and it dried my skin out terribly, making it flakey and darkened the under eyes. I used eggwhites 3 times a week. Just mix them in a bowl, until it's like a foam and take a sponge and place it onto your face. You will feel it tighten as it dries.
    Honestly, leave it on for maybe 5 mins and rinse it off with warm water. Your skin will be so soft, and it helps with the pigmentation over a couple weeks. You can use cue cumber on your eyes to decrease puffiness or any swelling, it'll help give you a youthful undereye appearance.

    Just change your dietary habits, drink more water, stay away from too much sugar and processed foods. I gaurantee you'll be feeling so much better after a week if you do this.
    I hope this gives you some ideas to get you started!


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  • Lotion and make up

    • I don't want to be fairer or tanned or anything which is what lotion and make up would do.

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  • " I haven't worked out in a while and been consuming too much sugar, caffeine, junk etc"
    It's probably this. Try drinking a lot more water and eating fruits/vegetables. In particular stay away from sugar and junk foods. Also make sure to get enough fresh air/sunlight (wear sunscreen!). And wash your face at least once a day.

  • Ditch sugar completely and use korean face masks and argan oil face wipes. It works


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