Does this make you sad?

This guy is not even an adult and has had a nosejob, fat fillers and many other plastic surgeries and his parents justify it by saying it makes him happy. Whats wrong with people?

  • It is rather sad
  • its his choice, u need to fuck off
  • OP is jealous he can't afford all that
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, @decentguy, @elissadido?
today i spent whole day surfing through stuff like this, u just reach that side of the internet sometimes lol and it was just so sad especially hearing stories of procedures gone wrong and their mindset and what got them thinking to it in the first place, i saw my potential future self in them and jeez it was scary.


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  • One day, siddharth will have a look alike. A bit of repair of the eyes, the skin color, a nose job, cheek and jaw surgery.

    • lmfaooo, he has no jawline and cheekbones, bulbous nose and his skin colour and eye shape is same as mine. I dont aspire to look like him or i even do right now. He is just good looking in general and he has facial harmony (symmetry and a couple other factors). stop trolling on my account all the time

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    • because they are the biggest fukras thats all and i am not even joking here XD

    • shukriya veer

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  • He wants to do it so...


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  • I couldn't make it through 3 seconds lol, voted C but it's sad AF

  • this is very sad

  • I guess "ruth" is the name of what I feel.

    "compassion for the misery of another"

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