Do I look like my mother when she younger?

I'll put two set of pictures. The first will be when both of us were in our early 20's. The second one will be when she was closer to my current age (29). I get told by some relatives I look like her. But do I?

My mother at age 20/21 on her wedding
Do I look like my mother when she younger?Picture of me at the 2010 Halloween party (I'm the one with the black sweater with pink on the sides)

My mother in her early to mid 30's

Myself in Feb of this year at my room

  • Somewhat (not totally different but not very similar to her)
  • Yes, you look similar to her younger version
  • No, you look a lot different than your mother
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  • yes you do look a lot like her younger version. which is not a bad thing


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  • I would say more than A but not quite B

  • yes you do a little bit. As per DNA study most of daughter go on mom and son go on father.

    • True. Though our heights are different. She's between 5'3 - 5'4 and I'm 5'7. I assume one of my father's sister or another female relative (from either side of the family) must have been that height because most of the women on my mother's side are either 5'4 or shorter.

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    • sure

  • Yes wow similar


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