Girls, where should a guy shave/wax his bodyhair?

So... Hey I'm 15 and have a problem. Because of my persian genes, I already have very much bodyhair and you also have to imagine that I'm not thin/not have a sixpack, so I have to admit that I'm a bit chubby (I soon want to work out in the gym).

I'm afraid to have sex because of this problem and I already shaved the hair on my back and the intimate zone, so to the girls: Do you like hairs on the breast/belly/lega/arms? Should I also wax my bellyhair, but let the breasthair? Please be honest!


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  • Your 15 you shouldn't be having sex at all

    • Eh... In Germany Sex is legal, when you are 14... So why not?

  • Pub area

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