Why are people encouraging people to be fat with fat acceptance, when there are starving kids around the world?

fat acceptance movement
why are people encouraging people to be fat with fat acceptance, when there are starving kids around the world?
funding.. plus size model,

when there is so much poverty in the world?


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  • Maybe because this world is not like we want it to be
    Those people are dieing out there and no one does something
    Poor governments
    They don't have a heart
    Good bless all poor people


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  • These fat women want to be accepted. They are still human beings and should be treated like them. Its not encouraging people to be fat. Somehow I don't think that kids will be looking at photos of morbidly obeses women saying "I wanna be like that when I grow up". As for poverty stricken kids in Africa, their are charitable organizations taking care of that as they have done for years. The African women and men breed like rabbits in those poor parts, they should be using forms of contraception or get vasectomies. Rather than attempting to bring up children in a places that they can't even fend for themselves. Whereas Malaysians go out and fend for themselves, they hunt and forage.

  • Two things wrong with this.

    1st, it's scientifically proven that people lose weight and maintain healthier life styles when they feel better about themselves. Destructive statements that chip away at people's self esteem actually hinder any chance they have of getting healthier.

    2nd the US creates enough food to feed the world 1.5 times over. We are not the only nation who produces excess food. The problem with poverty and world hunger is incredibly complex and is influenced from current farming practices all the way up to international politics.

    The world organization that was created to prevent starvation has recently published numbers that state that famine is almost if not already completely irradicated. If you really cared about poverty and world hunger, you would be knowledgeable about the current facts.

    • i do care, and i see many fat people eating excessively.

      i am sure the excess food the eat can help poverty and world hunger to those in need.

    • Except a statement like that means that you have no idea about the food production and processing system in place in the country and globally. You're over simplifying the issue

      Here are some more numbers. So the US produces enough food to feed the world 1.5 times. Well did you know that the US throws away 40% of all food produced (this number is conservative but we'll just go with it)?

      This means that the US alone throws out enough food annually to feed 60% of the world. From that number, you can easily come to the conclusion that obesity does effect how other people in other countries receive food.

      If you really cared about poverty, you would know that the global food production system is broken and that it's more of an issue to fighting global hunger than obesity. Obesity and global hunger are non sequitors.

  • What does this have to do with poverty. Why does learning to accept yourself have to do with starving kids. shut the fuck up man. don't think i don't care about poverty or something bc i do but it makes me mad that you are sitting there talking shit.

    • don't tell me to shutup.

      fat acceptance = encouraging unhealthy lifestyle

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    • fat people don't need to love themselves..

    • @Asker What you are saying is that people who are fat should not love or even like theselves. You are encouraging them to be depressed. That is not good.

  • I don't know, I mean the examples you used were pretty extreme. In general, there are many people who are just genetically "larger" so to speak, and society has dubbed this as unattractive. Which is why I think the fat acceptance came to be, because they are still healthy and should be proud of their bodies even though they aren't necessarily skinny. But these examples are way overboard in my opinion to encourage, it just doesn't look healthy, and that's what matters.

  • If you can't feed a kid dont have it.


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  • Well, eating more =/ fat. You can eat less and still get fat. People don't understand the science behind that. Fat acceptance is increasing people are getting lazy and don't want to get off their asses.