Does going no-contact on a girl always work? be honest? does the girl always come chasing after you?

does going no-contact on a girl always work? be honest? does the girl always come chasing after you?

no contact is avoiding any type of contact with a girl,

a girl who you might have confessed your feelings to, etc

i went no-contact on this girl i had a crush on and she eventually came chasing after me.

i really love another girl, who rejected me. so i went no-contact on her suddenly and without any explanation one day...

its been over a year..

i caught her staring at me months back when she saw me in public..

will no-contact make this other girl come chasing after me?

  • yes it always works, she always comes chasing after you
  • nope
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Don't play these games. If you want to talk to her then reach out. No contact might just make her stop trying.


What Girls Said 2

  • I don't think so.

    If a guy stops contact with me, I won't think much at first. People get busy, that's fine. Of course it's nice if there's a heads up if he has a lot of school work, or career work. But after the second week, and no reply to a text or call then I will assume he lost interest. I'll detach and move on.

    Not everyone is like me. But from what I know of my fellow female friends, they are similar.

  • I cannot speak for other women, but it definitely does not work on me. To me, that is just playing games and I don't appreciate that at all. I want a man who acts like he wants to be with me and will put in as much effort as I do.


What Guys Said 3

  • It hardly, if ever, works. She usually assumes that you aren't interested anymore, and moves on.

  • It's playing games. You never win at that game. They give up straight away and go find another guy.

  • Like all strategies... you need some prowess in enacting it.