How to cope with being unattractive to 100% of women?


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  • Lose the bad attitude, first of all. I don't mean to come across like an asshole, and I'm sure you can give me a million reasons why you're the one guy on earth who really is unattractive to 100% of women, but unless you want your situation to stay the same, you're going to have to drop that B. S. story that you've convinced yourself of.

    Lets look at your question. You want to "cope" with the problem, rather than fix it?
    And you've decided that 100% of women out there in the world find you unattractive?

    A more productive approach would be to ask yourself "How to make myself attractive to enough women to be able to get dates and meet potential mates?" or something to that effect.

    Right off the bat I'm guessing you turn more women off with your attitude than your physical appearance. But that's not to say that you can't improve your attitude by improving your physical appearance.

    Now, you can't change your physical body too much, except:

    -Eat right : Not only will eating more healthy foods and less unhealthy foods improve your weight and your skin, but you'll feel lighter and more energetic

    -Exercise : You don't have to live in a gym or even go to a gym. Just do some pushups and crunches every morning and find opportunities throughout the day to walk more. Whether it's going for a 30 minute walk on your lunch break or just parking at the far end of the parking lot so you have a few hundred extra steps to the door, it all adds up. Again, like food, it will get your body in better shape AND improve your energy levels and mood.

    -Grooming / personal hygiene : Are your nails neatly trimmed? Neatly shaved? Neat and clean hair? Clean teeth, fresh breath, no unpleasant body odor? (This might require the input of someone you know and trust)

    From a physical standpoint you can also improve how you dress. Learn the basics of style and put in a little effort, it will go a long way. Wear clothes that are neat and clean, that go well together, that go well with your build and complexion, and are well suited for your lifestyle and personality.
    Maybe it means ditching the tee shirts and wearing more polo shirts or button up shirts with chinos instead of worn out jeans, or just wearing clothes that fit you well instead of shirts that are too big or pants that are too long.
    Check out for example, there are other sites too.

    Take care of these things and your self esteem and confidence will improve, making you more attractive to women.


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  • do something about it maybe? 😐
    stat in shape, get a new hair, try on new clothes I don't know..
    or just pity yourself and go live with your mom forever lol


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  • Cry about it on GAG

  • You should want to fix the problem not cope with it because if you just cope with it means you want the problem to always be there. How do you know you are unattractive to 100% of women?

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