Um why do I still look like a teenager?

Lmao dude I kinda hate it and love it, everyone thinks I'm like 16, I mean sometimes it's cool but other times not, I can't buy beer without someone being paranoid that I'm a minor lol.


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  • Don't feel bad, I still get 13. ^^

    It's all genetic and it means you have really good genes. There are pros and cons to them. But as long as you show yourself to be mature, people will get pass that. It could also be the clothes you wear. I refuse to wear certain outfits because most cloths they have for a lot of women today is a bit whorish in my opinion. Plus height and lack of makeup helps too. Matter of fact I can't even say makeup, because a lot of people still think that I'm a young girl trying to be older than I am. I even have a Mail man tell me I need an adult signature, and I had to tell him that I AM an adult!


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  • I have the same problems even in my 30s. In Japan people often think I'm mid-20s, in the U. S. some people still think I'm a teenager.

    I actually got refused ordering drinks at a bar in the U. S. even when I showed them both my passport and driver's license with matching information. They couldn't believe I was in my 30s. :-(

    It kind of sucks for a guy to be considered younger than his age, especially since girls often date guys who look older. On the flip side, as you do get older, it's easier to relate to younger people. They'll treat you like one of their own, so I find it easy to blend into groups of people in their 20s without being considered an old geezer (even though I sometimes feel like it).

    • Yea like why are people maturing faster lol, are we like genetically special or something lmao

    • I have no idea. For me it's partly the Asian thing but I'm considered younger than I often am even there, so I'm doubly screwed. :-D

    • Yea shits crazy man, I've litterally looked the same for years with just a little facial hair lol

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  • Could be genetics. Im 24 and always get carded; for smokes, buying a horror film, buying alcohol when I rarely do lol and it does get annoying. My mom who is in her late 50s looks 40 so I assume I picked up her "fountain of youth" genes lol. Its ok though one day Ill be glad to be mistaken as a teenager just not right now. Maybe you will too?

  • you don't look like a teenager


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