Isn't it preferably for ghosts, ghouls, or evil spirits to exist? Because at least 'something supernatural exists, so it is possible for a afterlife?

I mean what if after we died, there was nothing at all?

What if there was nothing. No life, no universe, not even a black abyss, not even any thought to propose what nothing meant. Just ________

Yeah this has dawned on me recently. Compared to the supposed absolute nothingness that existed before all of this, think about how totally strange this is. Atoms, gravity, chemicals, subatomic particles that are practically empty... why this? where did the models come from? why is everything the way it is? If there was no initial creator... why is it like this? If there was an initial creator... why is it like this? The fact that there's even anything at all is incredible, compared to the total nothingness before.

Either all matter in the universe has existed forever (infintely, stretching backwards in “time” to nowhere), or at some point from nothingness, all matter in the universe suddenly appeared. Neither of these make sense.

If something out of this world exists, like a ghost or demon, it is a good thing because then it opens the possibility for something like god or a afterlife to also exist...

i think the scariest thing is if only the big-bang caused this universe, and nothing happens after we die, and there is no god... only science... nothing and i mean nothing is scarier..

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  • nahhh its all BS


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  • But this is what I believe. After we die there's nothing, everything ends for us. I think it's better this way. Imagine how sad it would be to see the people you loved suffering and crying for you... imagine having to live forever in a place that might not be as good as this world. I believe that afterlife would be worse.

    And about creation and creators, it's a complicated matter. We still don't know where life came from and how it started exactly. Many people use this fact to say that God created everything, but who created God then? Following this way of thinking we can attribute creation to any supernatural being. How can it be explained?

    Well, it can't be explained yet, at least not now. There are some theories about it but we still have nothing concrete.

    One thing is certain, it's more likely that there's no afterlife, at least this is how I see it and if I were to explain everything the 2.500 characters I have to write my answer wouldn't be enough.

  • God is real im sure of it and these thoughts you are having might be his calling on you. Pray on it, even if you yet dont believe it will not hurt to try and if you need help with anything concerning the Lord read the bible and you can always message me God bless you. (John 3:16) "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." :)