Is it easy to guess what someone looks like based on their first name?

I've had this happen to me once and the description was specific and extremely accurate. My name is not common and most people I've met couldn't trace it to a country/the correct country. I was very impressed but I wondered, is it easy to do?


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  • Nope, but no since you can't really describe what a person looks like they'll just be like "oh, I got the hair and eyes wrong but I got everything else right!" So if you say you've seen people do this: they just said things people have and since you already had the person in your head you knew.

    • Hmmm interesting. What do you mean by the 'already had the person in your head' part?

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    • Sorry, the only things you got right are white skin and medium frame.

      Dark Brown hair
      Dark Brown eyes.
      White skin.
      medium frame.

    • Ahh man! I should have kept my instincts with brown lol 😂 I've enjoyed this game anyway :)

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  • no its hard to tell


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  • Okay well here what do I look like? My name is Jordan.

    • Lool ummm, I will probably be waay off!
      Brown hair?
      Medium sized and athletic?
      Blue eyes?
      Light skin?

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    • Does not tell me what black blood is.

    • Loool nice guess but African :)

  • I've never thought about it want to try my name lol sincere

    • Alright I'll try!

      Dark skin?
      Dark brown/black hair?
      Slim (not skinny but not medium)?
      Dark brown eyes?
      Short hair?

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    • Just messaged you :)

    • Nice hold on

  • no its not easy to do that

  • No it isn't be cause what if some guy had the name Tony or Michael and a girl was named Sarah or Megan.

    • Did you mean if a girl was called Tony or Michael? And a guy was named Sarah or Megan? If that's what you meant then that is a very good point!

  • Well guess mine then

    • I'm basing this on Muhammad in your username:
      Light brown-ish skin?
      Dark brown/black hair?
      Facial hair and/or mustache?
      Skinny-ish (not really skinny but a bit skinny)?
      Big dark eyes?

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    • Im really scared now , hope you are not a witch or something that does magic lol

    • Lol not at all, don't worry 😂😂

  • wut do I look like?


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  • No. That makes 0 sense at all.

    • Hi, what do you mean?

    • Someone's name doesn't have anything to do with what they look like. It might have something to do with their ethnicity or religion, but looks?

    • Yeah true, I was just wondering how easy or difficult it was anyway :)

  • Try to guess mine, my name is Valeria

    • Loool, I wasn't expecting to actually guess names when I asked this question but it's fun 😂 I'll give it a try!

      Dark brown hair?
      Medium length, like 3 inches off the shoulder?
      Brown eyes?
      White skin but not pale, like cream cloured white skin?
      Average height for a woman like 5'4?
      Slim (inbetween medium and skinny)?

    • Very close!!
      Long brown hair
      Hazel eyes
      White skin with a mix of olive
      I'm 5'6
      And slim

    • Looool interesting 👌👌👌

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