Girls, do you prefer "pretty boys"(Zac Efron, Chaning Tatum etc.) or "manly men" (Gerald Butler, Hugh Jackman etc.)?

Also can you give other examples of who you consider pretty boys and who manly men and explain why you prefer one over another?

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Please dont vote based on examples I gave (I. e if you like zac efron more than hugh jackman or vice versa) those were just examples of what I consider "prety boys" vs "manly men"
pretty boy: male model type with pretty youthful face
manly man: more masculine looking with more rugged overall features.


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  • ... why can't I be greedy and like both?

    • You can obviously like both but which one do you prefer more?

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    • If you had 2 guys that liked you. Exactly your type and good personality etc. But one would be typical pretty boy and other typical manly man. Who would you pick? (Inb4 you say both)

    • That's an illogical question. They would both have different personalities... so you know... both.

  • I prefer pretty boys. Youthful looks are just more appealing to me. A lot of the time pretty boys are clean shaven or just have a little bit of scruff and I personally find beards to be very unappealing.

  • Hugh Jackman is my boyfriend goal

  • Manly for me

  • Pretty boy because they are sweet and caring but I also like him to be manly, for example not being too emotional about things and protecting me.

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