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Okay this question I had in my head for months, I've asked people around me about it, they didn't give me a answer so I ask this site and here it is.
Okay... for a long time now.. on vine there are good looking teenagers they are known as the MAGCON Boys (the ones with no actual talent), these pretty boys have the looks and the fan girls are head over heels for these boys, so I wondered, what is it that makes them so attractive? Is it their vines? their looks? their hair? I recently watched Daz Games Vid on this kid named Jacob singing about some sweater (seriously it looks like it's possessed by a demon on that vid) is it the hair and the half lip bite or something? I wonder what makes them attractive?
(Also I apologize if I offended any girls on this question)


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  • I don't find any of the magcon boys attractive, I think they're stupid and pretentious.


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