How do people actually see me?

Ok so when I take pictures with front camera my my face like symetrical 100% then when I take pictures with the back camera is looks amsymetrical one eye is lower than the other like one side of my face is lower than the other it looks weird and ugly but how do people actually see me cause I asked my friend if my face looks asymetrical and she said no so how do I really look?


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  • Looks incredibly pretty. I think you're dissecting your picture to death and looking for flaws to the point of finding ones that aren't there.

    • I liked the one before the dog picture. :-D

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    • I can somewhat see what you are talking about in that photo but only because I'm staring at it. Yet I'm thinking that's just an issue with the angle and lighting. In any case, it's something you'd have to look for to pick up.

    • I tried staring at the photo a bit and I think the appearance of asymmetry has nothing to do with eye placement but simply how the light and shadow catches around your eye and lashes. Normally your eye lashes will become more prominent in the eye that's receding due to that angle. In any case, I don't think you have anything to worry about.

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  • We need a pic. I'm sure you're lovely.


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