How can I feel confident in glasses and braces?

so I've had glasses for as long as I can remember which is a very long time. I've adjusted to wearing them and I feel Amazing in them!! Without them I feel super unattractive!
But the next time I walk in the orthodontist I will more than likely be leaving with a sore mouth full of metal. I currently have an amazing boyfriend who claims he won't leave me, but what if he actually does? Not only that but how will I ever be able to take a photo of myself again for 2 years and be okay posting it? If there is anyway to think about having both positively and not thinking about being ugly Betty I'd appreciate it.


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  • This simply comes down to you and only you. No words or person can give you self-confidence. The word 'self' is in there for a reason. Look inward to yourself and forget your braces. Think of what's the inside and not the outside. As for the photos, take a few photos after you get braces. It won't be the same, but try to look for things you appreciate in those photos.


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  • You'll learn to love the braces, just like you learned to love the glasses. It will take time, as anything does. Personally I like girls with braces, but that's just me. I think if you believe you look good, then that's all that matters.

    Stay beautiful,

  • Don't worry
    Nothing big
    And if your amazing boyfriend leaves you cause of your braces then he didn't really liked you
    And ofc you can take pics without showing your teeth
    by the way I've seen some girls who look cute with braces

  • Dont worry what others think, just focus on liking what you wear and how you think you look, me personally i think girls with braces are very attractive and adoreble and girls with glasses are cute


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