Guys, Am I too pale?

Guys,Am i too pale?

I can't sunbathe cuz my skin is really sensitive and my skin is peeling in summers cuz of my sensitivity about sun and some times i can have too much acnes cuz of the sun. I dont wanna ve too tanned but i wanna have wheat skin...

  • Ghost. God save me😖!
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  • Yup, you are pale but it isn't bad😀
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  • You look normal to me✌
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  • I am Scandinavian (they are the palest race in the world so i will look normal to them)
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  • I'm fair skinned too. I've got an Irish background, I never tan, only burn. You could try a moisturizing sun screen specifically for the face. I found one from Nutrogena, that has helped with my sensitivity, as anytime I'm outside I wear it to prevent damage from the sun.
    Be confident! You look great with that skin tone :)

    • I used neutrogenas acne gel. Maybe i can gaibe a chance to the moisturizers. Was it oil free cuz i have an sensitive combination skin.

    • Yes, it's an oil free, water based sun screen that doesn't clog pores, and is okay for sensitive skin. It's a liquid lotion that has an spf of 30+ and I have had no issues with it. It leaves my skin soft and helps keep it hydrated.

      It's called "Nutrogena Ultra Sheer Clear Face Sunscreen"
      There's also products similar that are specifically made NOT to cause breakouts. Here's a direct link to the Nutrogena site in case you want to read up on the sun screens.

    • Thnks!

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  • I like my girls pale because I'M skandinavian and if she were more tan I would just feel guilty for not being as tan.

  • Yup, you are pale but it isn't bad😀