How do you get good pictures?

I know I'm a pretty attractive guy, but you'd never know it from photos. In real life I have girls flirting with me a lot, and I have a pretty good success rate with getting laid pretty quickly (first date usually, second sometimes, and no, I don't date sluts. It's a combination of appearance and charisma).

I absolutely can NOT get a good pic. I can't selfie for shit, and let's face it, selfies are for women and complete narcissists. I know about lighting and background, but when it comes to pose, etc, you might as well forget it. I can get landscapes and animals pretty well, and other people, but that's it. And my friends are even worse at taking pictures of people than I am. You know that saying about "Couldn't X if my life depended on it"? If a race of genocidal aliens came to Earth and said that I had to get a good pic of me or they would eradicate all life on the planet, well, you all better kiss your asses goodbye and be up to date on your prayers and whatnot.

So what's the secret? How do I suck less at this?

Here's the deal: I want to have success on Tinder, OKC, POF, etc. I'm pretty good at making people laugh and I've been told numerous times that girls feel "safe" or "comfortable" with me. BUT, if you can't get past the pic, there's no way to use the charm and humor, you know?


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  • Your question is pretty funny. Made me laugh I must admit. Not laughing about you by the way. Just the way you wrote the whole story.

    I really don't mind if you can't get a good picture of yourself the fact that your funny is worth more than a thousand pictures for me at least. 😘

    • Thank you. I am pretty good at making people laugh. And I enjoy doing it. Comedy is, in my opinion, one of the most valuable things in life.

    • By the way Tinder and all the other apps are for people where charm and being funny doesn't work for them so you have that going for you 😊

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  • Do your research on professional sites. Some kind of male modeling sites. Check out the pictures they have and maybe try doing a similar pose. Basically put yourself in that position. Pick a feature in your look and try to make it be the main focus in the picture. Get a tripod or something to place your camera onto and use the timer to take a picture of yourself with a background that won't distracting viewers.


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  • Be better looking and dont talk yourself up on websites.

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