Rate this brazilian model out of 10?

  • 1-3 yucks
  • 4-6 average
  • 7-9 handsome and hot
  • 10, wow
  • fuck off faggot asker
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@elissadido, @jxpxtxr, @cinderelli, @hulkksmash, @shawn58
@Polocrew, smash or pass? is he better than patrick machionne? would u 3some him and gronk?


Most Helpful Girl

  • 8/9 He's very attractive.
    I googled photos of him.

    The video you show... he looks no better than a 6/7.

    It goes to show you not every pic or video is an accurate display of someone.
    This is why I still don't understand why some people put so much emphasis into pictures online.

    Seeing someone in the flesh always counts heavily over any of these though.
    There's no photoshopping in person!

    • that is so true, i always thought this one friend of mine was a very handsome dude, but on fb he looks ugly as fuck. And this one girl i met through tinder, she was like a model in her pics, in real, i could not ask for a second date :-D

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    • its all about skin and hair XD

    • Well most models look better in photos than in rea lif because those photos are taken with professianal photographers from best angles with best lighting etc. not to mention of possible use of photoshop.

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  • there's your average dude, then you get to a certain point where small features distinguish you from everyone else. Like Brad Pitt, he's just an extremely attractive guy with status and power. There are several people who are aestheticly the same or better looking, but people will always choose Brad Pitt, because he's Brad Pitt.

    That Brazilian model has small things about him that make him extremely attractive. Mainly his eyes, lips and exotic look.

    • makes sense. his eyes are better than this video though, they look like shit in this coz of upper eyelid exposure but are usually alright i guess he was tired during the casting

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    • i have always thought brad pitt was pretty average by the way lol #nohomo, tom cruise in top gun though hnngggg take my breath away #fullhomo

    • Yeah I agree

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  • looks average to me

    • the power of good pics, google "marcello alvarez" thats how he looks in instagram pics lol

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    • u legit look like him in ur present dp by the way lol, i am telling you just buy a good iphone or dslr camera and take pics with good angles and become an instagram model like him SRS BRO

    • hahaha naah man, i dont have money to buy underwear so dslr camera is wayyy to expensive for me

  • 10, wow

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