Rate my friend and I from 1 to 10? Is my friend just super cute?

Rate my friend and I from 1 to 10? Is my friend just super cute?

Rate us from 1 to 10? I think my friend is just super pretty! :) she has really big eyes unlike me!


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  • Very nice ladies! Ignore the rude comments, Trolls simply can't abide them.

    Anywho, if I could I would go and drag my son out of the bed to assist with this rating since he has the properly aged eye for this.
    Though I think we can take a crack at it.
    For 14 year old maturity level both of you are looking very nice indeed.
    I would say 7s across the board. Very lucky gentlemen in your classes this year that's for sure.

    Your Long Hair is absolutely breathtaking, a very rare trait to have these days, very feminine.

    I do like the glasses and yes there they are peeking out, those big beautiful Blue Eyes.

    Your top photo is great, both of you focused in showing of your wonderful Browns and Blues.

    Next time smile with your teeth, you could possibly score even higher then!

    Have a magnificent day at school girls.

    • Thank you! :)

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    • LoL see, I didn't even notice the age, you fit right in with this lot. You took the picture yes
      That top one is such a winner.
      Cherish every moment you have for the next few years. These are the last days of innocence.
      And I do hope you remember always what it was like to be 14.
      I am off to bed ladies, 2 am here in the USA.
      Nitey nite.

    • Good night! :) And thank you! :)

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  • Don't you get tired of making these stories about how other people are prettier than you , by the way I think your friend is cutter than you

    • Oh okay! :)

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    • What? You might think I'm annoying, but do my actions harm anyone? And that was never my intention! :( I'm sorry to cause you to be annoyed though. I didn't want you to hate me.

    • I don't think BlazeCatGirl tried to be annoying and asked for compliments. She seems nice to me.