Do you find skinny/bigger people attractive?

As I'm sure you can all I see I'm pretty skinny..
Some girls tell me they don't like skinny guys and some girls tell they do..

So what do you like?

I also notice how people talk more about bigger people than they do skinny; some people shame others praise.

I personally think all people can be beautiful. It's just how you go about it. Like a bigger person ideally shouldn't wear crop tops because of their belly.. I don't ever wear tank tops bc I'm not muscley and I'm bony.

But regardless, dress how you want; it's your body and your choices!

Someone said to me the other day "Dress for the body you have, not the one you want" Which is true.. To an extent. Yeah, no-one will look at you funny. But if you don't care what people think then whatever you please?


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  • I don't like skinny guys. I find it really unappealing. I find chubbiness unappealing to but it can be overlooked in my opinion.

    You can always gain weight. It's isn't easy but you can do it.


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  • I prefer bigger/chubbier girls


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  • You're right, every girls preference is different. :) Personally I like bigger guys because I feel more protected, I feel like they have more body heat and bigger hugs💕, and a bigger guy just excites my body more. ☺️

  • I dunno... I don't care too much as long as you aren't muscular.

    • If you're muscular you'll remind her all what she so much wants and cannot get that she needs to forget she wanted.

      No muscles, don't be a jerk.

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    • As for your profile's "I can't stand how they think they deserve more rights than men",
      that who said it was silly if he meant "women".

      Women don't think they deserve "more rights than men."
      But women who feel inferior to men, and, all the more angrily women who don't feel they are really women and gets no bit of the male attention they want, those will think they deserve more rights. Identity problems and sense of inferiority are beasts that take a whole life of ideology, aggressivity, and scapegoating to be dealt with.

      And who are us to deny people who feel bad about what they are some self-relief?
      Let them, I say.

    • I'm going to assume English isn't your native language because I don't understand what you're saying. but from what I grasped yes feminists think they deserve more rights than men.

  • I don't mind, as long as you are healthy and athletic!


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  • I do actually, I find some attractive.