Girls, I really need your help, who do you find hotter?

i want to see what i read off the internet is true. Also, pretend these people are your average joe they are not famous and there just a normal person, living a normal life. Now tell me which group is hotter. Also, if you have a certain reason tell my why you thought that group was attractive. You dont have to have a reason but if you do please share. Was there a certain person that made the whole group uglier?

Group A
Stephen Curry
matt damon
eddie murphy

Group B
Usher Raymond
50 cent


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  • Group B
    50 cent won that one. Lol.
    His body... omg!!! Well, his old body...

    • This experiment proves that man with high testosterone has more masculine facial traits like a wide jaw, wide shoulders, nice muscle on the body, eyes smaller etc. Its because testosterone increase bone density, tones muscles and lose fat. Also its harder for you to gain fat. You even act more of a man have confidence and being brave etc. This hormone is what makes a man a man. Girls have something called estrogen. Opposites attracts. Would you agree with me or no? just want to hear your opinion and thanks for the feed back :)

    • Absolutely agree!!!

  • Group a brah