Is it possible for a family to have goodlooking children and not so good looking children?

I met a girl on the net 9 months ago and we talk everyday and she's aiming for doctor, so iv never seen what she looks like because she's not allowed to send her picture.. but she's sent me her brother picture and he's cute, few days ago I was going across Facebook and I saw her other brothers profile and he's isn't much of good looking.. so I'm not sure if she is at least nice looking because it's very wrong to be 9 month friends without seeing what she looks, I mean appearance can change my thoughts about her right? Tho she has a deadly personality.. also, we talked a lot about appearance and she says you won't regret if you see me and she also swears that she's good looking and every times she brings it up when I purposely talk about appearance just to see what she says and she says she's white and her dad calls her princess sometimes and also her hair is below her lower back. sorry if it's a weird question because it's weird it self not seeing her picture after 9 months and we're best friends.. that's very wrong in my opinion..

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  • There can be one or 2 that's bad and the others are good looking (comment)
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  • Everyone looks bad to someone and everyone looks good to someone

  • There can be one or 2 that's bad and the others are good looking

  • Genetic heredity is a tampered-with lottery draft, but not totally tampered.

    So heredity playes an important role (and this regards all of the attributes of the born person), but chance has its weight, and, while some outcomes are much more likely, or more likely, than others, nearly everything can happen.

    • So you mean? Her brother is cute and pale and her other brother is more darker and not very good.. and she says she's cute. so I don't know