I'm nervous about my senior pictures?

I just had my photos done yesterday, and won't see them until after editing is done and he posts a few to Facebook and I get a thumb-drive from him. The only thing I'm worried about is that I won't be able to pick which ones he posts, so I'm not sure if they'll be ones that I like. He showed me a few while we were taking them just for some of my input, and a few I was if-y on. We took over 400 though, and he said a few of them are some of the best he's ever taken, so that eased my mind a little. I definitely do trust him, but I feel as though I won't be as happy with mine as I am other girls he's done, since I can find the littlest things I don't like and end up feeling awful - which I definitely don't want to do. Is there any way I can get all that negativity out of my mind?


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  • 400? Damn. I only had 8 I think. And I got to choose which one I wanted in the official yearbook. Maybe you can contact him and ask if you get to choose the picture.

    • Maybe. I think he took so many because I had 5 outfits and we did different locations and utilized every one of them to each's extent. Thank you for your input!

  • Well, maybe this will help.

    In two years you won't care what they looked like, and it will seem like such a small thing to you.

    That probably does not help you today though.

    If the photographer knew what he was doing you should look fine.

    400 though? Was it a non professional?

    • I had five outfits, and he knew I was nervous and really wanted to give me a time to get comfortable. He's been doing photography for a year and a half, was $150 instead of the $300+ and a down-payment that most photographers want, and his pictures/editing is absolutely stunning. For those who have done sessions with him and have seen his work have been really pleased. He's as good, if not better, than some who have owned their businesses for 20 years and really seems to love what he does. I just think the amount he took was due to the different locations and the amount of outfits that I had.

    • Then try to just chill, you will look fantastic. Easy to say, I know...

    • Thank you, I hope so!

  • The pictures will be good you are pretty and enjoy your Senior year


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