Am I just not attractive or is there another reason why girls treat me indifferently without even really knowing me?

I still can't find a girlfriend no matter how hard I try. No I don't act desperate, all the girls I attempt to get a date with either have a boyfriend (which I find out later) or just make some kind of excuse not to go with me. I'm starting to think I'm just ugly since people tease me about my looks saying I'm too short and too skinny and too nerdy. To clarify I don't want to be popular or anything I just want two or three close friends, and a girlfriend that's all, so if anyone can help me get that I'll be happy. to clarify in this picture I had just gotten home from school and I was kinda tired but that's how I look daily. my hair is usually neater :-)am I just not attractive or is there another reason why girls treat me indifferently without even really knowing me??


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  • In all honesty I do find you unattractive. I think the problem is the hair and the glasses. Your hair just looks kinda messy and unkempt and the big ass glasses just aren't a good look. If I knew you I'd neither want to be your friend nor date you. I know that's a fucked up thing to say, but we live in a fucked up world and looks matter. Just get a hair cut, try contacts, wear nice clothes, and initiate contact with people. If you wanna make friends and get a girl then you need to look nice so that they want to talk to you, and you have to have an interesting personality so they stick around.

    • excuse you but I've always had long hair because I refuse to cut it and apparently you didn't read my description in which I said my hair is kinda frizzy. secondly the glasses are my choice, I picked them out and I know a lot of people with even bigger glasses so I don't see why that's a problem

    • I never said you had to cut your hair or chabge your glasses I just suggested it. You asked if people treatedly you differently because you were unattractive and I straight told you that I found you unattractive and tried to offer some ideas to improve your outward appearance. I never said you had to listen to me. You asked for the truth and so I gave it to you.

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  • I see no problem maybe the glasses and relax, loosen the hair - You look like you are ready for a debate

    • :-) my hair is really long so I have to keep it in a ponytail. I don't know any other hairstyles

  • uglyy

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