Girls, Be honest seriously, what do you think of birthmarks (on neck)?

I have a birthmark on my neck that actually goes up into my hair halfway up the side of my head. I dont really ever cut my hair short because of it, but i dont care about what people think anymore lol.
Let me know if its a turn off or you find it unattractive and be brutally honest if you have to I dont care either way just want opinions. here's a picture.

et me know what you think :)


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  • I mean it's the the most appealing thing but you can't change it so focus on the things you can change.

    • What do mean most appealing? You like it? Lol

    • *not the most appealing.

  • Not a big deal at all.

    • I would think so, some people though like to stare sometimes, i dont let it bother mean. Its just i dont know if i should take it as rude or what lol

    • Bother me* stupid autocorrect :p

    • Id assume ts usually not meant in rudeness, just curiosity...