Which picture of me is the best? Need a dp?

I don't want anyone to rate me or anything.. Just tell me which one is the best.. Also I'm wondering should I add it as my profile picture on gag..
According to you how important will a dp be here..
(only two pictures rn cause currently all others on my phone are couple ones with my girl and I'd rather not add her pic her)Which picture of me is the best? Need a dp??Which picture of me is the best? Need a dp??


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  • Nr1. But you are really cute! Don't use so many filters etc :))

    • aw thanks.. I didn't use any filters as such.. my mum's Lenovo stock cam did it on its own

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  • The pics are good but tone down the filters on your face a little bit.

    • now that everyone is saying that I think that cam sucks.. it's just Lenovo stock camera.. no filters as such

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