What's my Ethnicity and Character Impression? Picture Included?

I never done one of these before but I guess it is always interesting to see how others perceive you.

What's my Ethnicity and Character Impression? Picture Included?

need to put this into the right section. How do i look


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  • middle eastern or european

    • oh, those seem like 2 different kinds of looks. No?

      what is your impression on my kind of personality

    • I don't know,,,..

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  • I think you're good looking. You look serious.

    • thanks, what ethnicity do you presume? by serious, you mean i don't have a humour? lol

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    • I am Italian but explaining the rest makes it confusing so maybe i'll just say that

    • Okay. I guess that makes you interesting.

  • You're super hot.

    • thanks lol. why in particular

    • Dunno. Maybe it's the way only half of your face is there makes it a little mysterious or the scruff that gives you a sort of roguish look or the way your eyes are so dark and deep.

    • Yeah, I should have shaved haha. My eyes are hazel

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