Everyone in awhile, I have a fat girl who thinks she has a chance with me.. Do I have an anti fat girl look online?

everyone in awhile, i have a fat girl who thinks she has a chance with me..Do I have an anti fat girl look online?

every once in awhile i have some dumb fat ass who thinks she has a chance with me


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  • She must be really stupid to actually have a thing for you.


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  • I'm Loyal, have a lot of empathy, emotional supportive, never cheated, fairly sensitive, and have a lot of moral integrity.

    And guys with boobjobs like this actually score relationships all day and night and I'm actually spending Christmas completely alone. Like really alone!
    Fuck my life. haha

    • Man, you've said it! Great one haha.

    • @jeannine22 Don't laugh. I have a pretty big self made man boobjob too. haha, I work out daily. :)

    • Good! I am working out a lot too. I appreciate people who work out.

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  • I just suppose they hope you're not as shallow as you obviously are. Only because you workout, it doesn't neccessarily mean you only like fit girls?

  • It's hard not to think wtf when someone you consider gross tries to hit you up. You have to remember that some of the least desirable people are the most aggressive.

  • What do you mean by "fat"? Like obese or with curves?

    • both sound obese

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    • lol no gross

    • What is gross? That I tell them politely they are not my type? Lol
      I can't see what can be gross in that!

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  • You sound shallow as fuck bro. Ya you don't like big girls fine, but when you call them whales and start saying shit like "dumb fatass who thinks she has a chance with me" it makes you look like an ass.

  • Maybe you have a perfect body and athletic but when your personality is shit then it will ruin your chance buddy.

    • He doesn't have a perfect body. He has no waist and obviously no ass. No one is perfect. Well, except Ben Affleck.

  • What if you like fat girls?