Hi girls, what do you think about my body?

Am i too slim? Too muscled?

Just muscled enough?

Is my body good?


Here is another video where i show my muscles better...

My forearms... better...

Maybe you can give a better opinion like this.

Otherwise, i know that my pectorals are not very developped compared to the rest... It seem like that my shoulders and arms wore more than my pectorals in the bench press... lol.



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  • Looks good to me

    • Thank you very much! You're so sweet!

    • Why don't you follow me anymore? What are you doing? I don't understand your behaviour...

      I can't talk to you anymore...

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  • You look good. I would focus more on compound exercises for you chest, back and the rest of your core though, and spend less time on you biceps and triceps to be more proportioned.

    • Thank you!^^ You're right.^^ I'm just thinking about a way to improve my pecs... Because i do a lot of pecs exercices but my other muscles work more than the pecs during them...^^ I'll try to see what i can do... I practice Rowing dumbell and pull-ups for the back... But as i'm slim, that's not easy to develop these parts of my body... All my muscles go mainly in my arms and shoulders lol...

    • What exercises do you normally do? "All my muscles go mainly in my arms and shoulders lol" I can relate to that. If you do press exercises, it works your arms already of course so I would do more of those and less arm isolation exercises.

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  • ıt looks good keep working

  • You got to work on your forearms, chest too

    • Alright... I work everything out... But my chest is harder to develop... My forearms i work them too, but i'm slim...^^

      Do you think my body is good though lol?

      What do think about my arms? Are they muscled for you?

      I have the feeling i'm more muscled... when i see myself in the mirror... but i don't know how the others see me in the reality...

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    • No you aren't

    • Ok great so, i posted a new video so you can see my muscles better if you want :


      It's for you and the others...^^

      I added it in the update lol.

  • You look hot

  • Super cute, I like skinny guys

    • Lol, thank you so much!^^ But how did you manage to watch the video haha?^^ The link doesn't work anymore.^^

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    • your welcome

  • can't see it


What Guys Said 2

  • I would advice to get a solid full body program for 6-12 month then switch to an upper/lower program.

    You need to work a lot cause you are skinny atm.

    Good luck :)

    • Lol, i've been working out for 2-3 years but i don't gain weight...

      I practiced the full body...

      My weight is 68 kgs and my height : 1m82

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    • If you look what i look like you see that a lot of my muscles are developped though...

      But as i'm very slim, of course, it's not massive.

    • Hi, i added a new video... If you want to watch... My pecs are less good than my shoulders, biceps and triceps... I practice bench press..., but i think my arms work a lot more than the pecs during the sets...

  • Biceps look good! Just keep lifting, and focus on weaker areas.

    • That's cool to get answers from guys too.

      My biceps, triceps and shoulders are good no?

      What do you think my weaker areas are?


      My genetic is not very good about the pectorals lol...

      When i bench press, i think that my shoulders and triceps work a lot more than my pectorals...^^ I practice other exercices for pectorals too, but they're hard to develop...

      My calfs are well developped though... But for some people it's hard for them to develop them too. Always a matter of genetic.

    • I added a new video if you want to watch.^^