I'm a big for my age?

I'm a 120lb 5'3 and my waist is 26 and hips/butt is 37 and I wear a 34B. Everyone don't believe me when I say I'm 14 they say I look to "Mature " to be 14. Am I a little big for my age honest answers?


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  • A lot of 14 year olds don't "look" 14 now-a-days because of the hormones in genetically modified organisms that are in our food. It could also be due to genetics, if you're parents matured very quickly then you and your siblings ( If you have any ) most likely are going to mature a lot quicker than your peers. I am 17 yet most people mistake me as being your age, which gets annoying at times. Not everyone is the same, so just ignore their comments and watch out for creeps.

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