Who here thinks I look decent?

I've always been kinda selfconcious about my look and want peoples honest opinion on how I lookWho here thinks I look decent??


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What Girls Said 2

  • Okay I will be honest here, and will probably sound like a total bitch but I will be honest, no you don't look good, but I can say why👇🏻
    1. You're wearing a pink shirt and I get it's a cancer shirt but please take a jacket over it, something neutral
    2. Get a new hairstyle that fits more to your face, try to experiment with it!
    3. Find out how to pose in front of camera and smile ffs, like seriously nobody can take a picture like you did and expect to look good.
    It was just a few tips and my honest opinion.

  • Swedish?


What Guys Said 1

  • You look terrible tbh. What are you doing in that picture? Why are you wearing a pink shirt?

    >Start lifting
    >Stop with the awkward face expressions
    >Get a decent haircut
    >Stop wearing pink shirts
    >Get a better camera.