Thoughts on my body?

Thoughts on my body?Thoughts on my body?Thoughts on my body?


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  • are you being serious? you need to go og G@G to find out how people think of you? you... with that body... probably attract guys and girls like shit does to flies.

    you have beautiful girl written all over you and you know it. so why do you need people here to tell you what you already know?

    all you have to do is post a normal picture to instagram and you'll get showerd with comments. so. what gives?

    • Thank you xx

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    • thank you my friend.

      just keep your head up. you are very lucky to have that physique. im sure any guy would do anything to be your boyfriend.

      just know this...

      learn to love yourself. you will appreciate everything that makes you... YOU... a lot more.

    • 👍😀👏

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