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Girlfriend broke up with me over a situation we had years ago, is that fair?

Not sure that 'fair' really factors into it. It's her prerogative to make this decision. You were in the wrong and so there's that. She stands on the moral higher ground here. But she also looks... Break Up & Divorce

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Is it considered cheating to develop feelings and a small crush on someone when you are in a relationship?

You're not cheating. You're human. We are both animals and beings that have evolved to have the largest brains, and most higher level thought, of all creatures (on this planet, anyway.) Complex... Relationships

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What are good teenage dating websites under 18?

None. Stay off them for now. Work on your in-person social skills. There's enough skulking online. Y'all need real life practice first. Plus, just about everyone ends up deciding that the... Dating

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Does being broke for months put a strain on a relationship?

Definitely. Financial stress and differing philosophies about money are the #1 relationship ender. Dating

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If your partner texted you "Ugh" on a morning you were supposed to hangout, how would you respond?

He wants you to ask him what's going on, I guess. I don't like people who deliberately breadcrumb like this. I'd much rather someone just start in, tell me a story, or whatever is on their mind.... Dating

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How do you politely tell your girlfriend you don't wanna work with her?

It's totally understandable, how you feel about this. And for what's it worth, I agree with you and think your reasoning is sound. (I have worked with coworkers/colleagues and dated them... Dating

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My date [m] mentioned some unusual titles when I asked him what his favourite films are, should I be sceptical?

hahahaha. "Date", eh? I don't know about that. Next thing you know he'll be asking you to join in on a Liza Minelli show tune. Dating

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What do you think are the must most important qualities in a man?

Says what he means, doesn't play games, a straight shooter. Doesn't go overboard on trying to fit some image of a 'masculine man.' (All men are masculine by the very definition.) Once trust is... Relationships

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Why do people assume incels are bitter and therefore can't get a grl, instead of incels are bitter because they can't get a girl?

Because it assuages any guilt or responsibility the other sex may have to take on. "If you were better, we would want you" type of thing. As opposed to starting off neutral, with an okay guy, who... Dating

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"Your other half is not the one you love"?

Very interesting. His voice is so low it feels like it could cause an earthquake. But the words are provocative. "Let me think about it." Yes. I'll get back to you on this. It needs to permeate... Relationships

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Why would my boyfriend's mom, who disapproves of me, watch my stories? Should I tell my boyfriend about it?

Omg Dermal this is so bad. You're stuck now. Why is she watching? How could she not? There's at least two types of mothers, and one of them is very protective over "my little boy" and she doesn't... Relationships

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What Does It Mean When Someone Says I Can’t Give You What You Want?

Different relationship goals? Do you present as someone wanting something more serious than what she does? That'd be my guess. Or another possibility that comes to mind is she sees you as more... Relationships

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Why is it disturbing to want a woman without a romantic past?

Wanting someone with no past is about your own insecurity. Guys like this don't want her to be able to compare them to their past partners. There's some merit to wanting to experience everything... Relationships

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Why do older females date younger guys than them by 20yrs?

Your multiple choice options are pretty lame. Think deeper. Because love is love, it doesn't have limits. Relationships are about far more than the physical. Relationships are a two-way street,... Dating

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Am I doing something wrong?

Bold guys approach. They often know little about the girls they are approaching. They're doing it based on a physical attraction they have to her. It's chemical; and their confident personality.... Dating

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What dating app is the best for a one night stand?

Tinder. Those who pretend it's not are just fooling themselves. Is tinder mostly known for hookups? Dating

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Why does my boyfriend only ask questions in conversations?

Who knows. Here's some possibilities: He's a very curious person; or he's particularly curious about you. He's really enjoying having a girlfriend, and an 'eager beaver'. He feels more comfortable... Relationships

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Women, what do you find confusing about men?

Nothing, really. Maybe when I was first dating in my early twenties, trying to figure out who was willing to be serious about a relationship, and who was just going to string me/us along,... Dating

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How often do you and your partner text?

Rarely. We see each other all the time, at least every night and maybe during the day too, so we avoid contact when we're not together. We don't like talking about things over text, we use it only... Relationships

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Is it reasonable to ask your partner to unfollow someone cuz they make you uncomfortable or insecure?

No. It's one of the perils of life, society, today, all this gawking and potential interconnectedness. But one person feeling uncomfortable is not reason enough to justify all requests for change.... Relationships

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