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5 mo

Is laundry the worst chore on existence?

Nah its my fav chore! I did 5 loads of laundry just today Other

5 mo

My partner snores and I can't sleep?

Learn to love the snoring. It's basically just white noise Relationships

5 mo

Are you a morning person or no?

Nah I've always been a night owl 🦉 Other

5 mo

Do you believe once a cheat always a cheat?

Nah people can change Relationships

5 mo

Can you turn a HOE into a housewife?

For sure hoes make the best housewives cuz they already went through their crazy phase Relationships

5 mo

Do you miss your innocence?

Don't think I ever had any innocence. Grew up with 4 older brothers so they basically ruined my childhood a little bit from having to overhear their teenage/adult drama. My mom described me as 3... Flirting

5 mo

Should you talk about the past with your so?

If they want to share their past then sure but I don't think it's necessary Relationships

5 mo

Would you rather have your boyfriend last 30secs or 1hr if so why?

30s would be better. Who has a 1hr to waste everyday? Relationships

5 mo

How would you describe your room?

My room is mostly my son's room so there is baby stuff everywhere like I just have my bed, tv and nightstands. Everything else in there is for the babies👶 Other

5 mo

I have questions about life after marriage?

Okay what's the question here? Relationships

5 mo

What are the most common engines in USA is it 4 cylinder , straight 6, v8?

All of my cars have always been v6. Mostly owned dodge and kia Other

5 mo

Is your wife emotionally abusive?

Sadly don't have a wife 😕 Relationships

5 mo

How often do you come the same time as your partner?

Pretty much evertime since him orgasming sets me off to orgasm Relationships

5 mo

Does it feel like Christmas to you or is it just another month?

Christmas never feels like anything to me. It's always just another day Holidays

5 mo

Have you found that birth order matters in life?

Yeah I'm the youngest of 7 and it seems like i am all those things listed Other

5 mo

My husband decided he wants to live in a pet free home. Has anyone else had to choose animals vs their family?

I don't blame him. Pets are dirty and too much work. Reason why I refuse to have any especially when having kids at home. Don't need pets on top of that too Relationships

5 mo

What is sexier than a man who can do household chores and cook?

A man that will watch the kids is more sexy then a man that is cooking/cleaning Relationships

5 mo

Does having a kid ruin your tightness forever?

I've had 3 and still as tight as before. I think only moms that tear/have traumatic births get loose. Relationships

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