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1 d

If you do workout on a daily basis why do you do it? For fun, because you like to keep fit or some other reason?

to keep me sane... in the world of constant brain overstimulation, hard physical effort makes me really rest... A tired body makes my brain relax and calm down... I run a lot... sometimes to the... Health & Fitness

1 d

Do you believe that people can be "FAT but FIT"?

There are unique individuals who achieved that. But in general it's not possible. Health & Fitness

2 d

How long is an average workout?

daily it's mostly about 1-1.5 hrs... sometimes longer if I get stubborn and push my limits :D Health & Fitness

8 d

Do you stretch often?

yep, the best way to prevent contusions Health & Fitness

8 d

Can you really loose weight without gym?

I lost over 50 lbs without visiting the gym... it's possible and not complicated. Just needs some time to research and changing mindset Health & Fitness

9 d

Why do I still feel thirsty after drinking at least 1,5L of water every day?

Because pure water goes straight to kidneys... doesn't go into digestive system... add something to it... i. e. some taste powder sweetened by stevia... it has no calories but stevia is absorbed... Health & Fitness

10 d

What makes you happy?

my people feeling laughing Health & Fitness

10 d

Are you health conscious when choosing what to eat?

yes... except for the moments when, because of stress, I forget to eat... Health & Fitness

10 d

Question for the girls: do you prefer a male or female gynecologist? And why? And what has your experience been? Good or bad?

I prefer a well educated and polite specialist. Earlier it was a man, currently a woman In general I have good experiences regardless their gender Health & Fitness

12 d

How to get out of depression?

Ask a specialist for help... depression is an illness and should be treated by people who know what to do... Health & Fitness

12 d

Why should we take vitamin c?

we shouldn't... we should eat healthy, so no supplements are needed Health & Fitness

12 d

How useful are sleeping blindfolds? Does anyone recommend them?

I need darkness to sleep, so during the summer, I use them a lot to be able to sleep until 5-6 am :D Health & Fitness

12 d

Why can't I get drunk anymore?

your alcohol tolerance is increasing with time... or your liver is giving up Health & Fitness

13 d

After a long and active day, which is the worst smelling part of your body?

I shower after training, don't wait until the end of the day Health & Fitness

13 d

I’m feeling anxious how’s your day?

learning to not give up negative thinking lol... tbh, use some friends for this purpose, they see more than you from your cave :D at least it works that way for me... look for kitten... Health & Fitness

13 d

What are some best weight loss tips?

weight loss is not about pills... it's a change that will stay with you forever. So you have to do it in small steps. In small steps, reduce and then totally eliminate sugar from your diet. Read... Health & Fitness

13 d

Why is everyone always shocked when I tell them I sleep with 4 pillows? How many pillows do you sleep with?

I use the pillow for pregnant women :D it's really comfortable, and I use only one small pillow under my neck Health & Fitness

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