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6 mo

Why don't the American school teach the true history?

well i don't think there were billions of native americans to kill. in fact i'm certain of this but that aside are you talking about the war of 1812? if yes. this is taught in most high schools... Society & Politics

6 mo

Why are Trump and his supporters anti-immigrant?

because people have been conditioned to believe that the problems of america lie in the people coming across the borders. first it was that they were taking jobs, then it was that they were... Society & Politics

6 mo

Do you think Canada and America is the same?

nope. they are very different countries. similar in some ways but rather different in other ways Society & Politics

6 mo

Are liberals gonna have to own this anti-Israel crap?

why should anyone have to OWN what one person does? seriously? do you own that right wing loony that shot of up the synagogue in Pittsburgh? no, and no one would expect you to. Liberals just like... Society & Politics

6 mo

If a socialist has more heart than a capitalist, what's the socialist's reward?

based on the ideology a socialist believes that the best form of society is one where people help each other out and look out for each other and believe the government should play a role in that Society & Politics

6 mo

Is it difficult for a woman to get her tubes tied?

difficult how? the procedure is what it is. it has a relatively easy enough recovery, usually a same day procedure. the procedure itself does not have a lot of post op complications (less than 1%)... Society & Politics

6 mo

What do you think about European Commission giving out recommendation for expanding EU with 4 Eastern European countries?

i think russia forced the hand and may regret their aggression in ukraine beyond the consequences of the conflict itself. the EU probably sees that a major part of it's economic security is... Society & Politics

6 mo

Is it fair to blame a current generation of people for their long dead ancestors crimes?

not we shouldn't blame someone living today for the actions of their ancestors. is anyone blaming current people for slavery? Society & Politics

6 mo

Should 9/11 be a federal holiday?

it should be a day of national remembrance like Pearl Harbor day, but becoming a national holiday would make it a federal holiday right? i believe that is the case which means another day the... Society & Politics

6 mo

Can you live in North America without a credit card?

yes. while cash and checks are being accepted less and less you can always use debit cards which don't require require and credit checks or good credit scores. frankly if you are bad with credit... Society & Politics

6 mo

Do you think Biden will denounce Israel in order to appease his voting base?

considering that democrats are not anti-israel i don't think he would do this. i mean 70% of jews vote democrat. 50% identify as liberal. so a significant portion of the democratic base is jewish. Society & Politics

6 mo

Is it really that surprising to say you're from Texas?

i imagine perhaps foreigners are just unaware of how many mexican americans there are in america and in particular Texas. No American should ever be surprised. hell texas was mexican territory... Society & Politics

6 mo

Being forced up on the region, would israel ever achieve security through military power?

i think that the typical approach has clearly not worked for centuries. so there is no reason to think it will work today even if israel is somehow able to remove Hamas from Gaza there is no... Society & Politics

6 mo

Can make a decent living with a child on $18.50 an hour if you budget and don’t spend beyond what you can afford?

depends on where you live. you're talking about $38.5k pre-tax, so probably more like $30k, it is possible. depends on where you live, and how much you can really budget. i would say you'd be at... Society & Politics

6 mo

Would the younger Americans draft dodge if a World War were to start?

it would depend on the war. the reasons for it and what side we are fighting for. if the war were for a cause like WWII then i would certainly accept my draft notice. i can say for sure i wouldn't... Society & Politics

6 mo

Are Japanese women forcing foreign men to have kids with them?

you used to be able to report questions as nonsense. i will we still had that option Society & Politics

6 mo

From two which is most important issue?

the biggest priority of both parties should be increasing compensation/wages while reducing inflation of the lower and middle classes. for decades inflation has outpaced wage growth exponentially.... Society & Politics

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