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The Wickedness of Cancel Culture

i don't know. we have freedom of speech but not freedom from consequence. a company deserves the right to decide who is employed by their company. if a person is making statements that either fly... Society & Politics

+1 y

The Good, and Bad For Every Team in the Upcoming Major League Baseball Season

Re: the Phillies if nick pivetta can continue to improve his control the phillies will have a nice 1-3 which is all they'll need to win the division. pivetta has the stuff of a 2 and the... Sports

+1 y

Why sports betting is terrible and how it ruins purity of sportsmanship

"Some states legalized betting because the outcry was that it was done with good intentions" the reason sports betting is legal is because states want the money. they were tired of seeing... Sports

+1 y

Alternative view on Trump, his portrayal by the media, and "The Wall"

to your points 1. yes he may be a billionaire but it doesn't mean he's not concerned wtih making more money and doing what it takes to do that 2. yes news media is biased for the most part... Society & Politics

+1 y

Black and eloquent? How annoying!

yeah i dealt with this a lot growing up as well. i didn't personally find it annoying until i was older (like a teenager) and had a better understanding for the basis of such a statement Society & Politics

+1 y

Was Super Bowl LIII The Worst Super Bowl of All Time?

it was a bit boring but i kind of find those games tense because every score becoming far more damning Sports

+1 y

Do people still underestimate the power of a nuclear bomb?

i hope they don't. i always kind of cringe when people even playfully say "let's nuke 'em" because the impact of a nuclear bomb (both the immediate and long term) and it's fallout is utter devestation Society & Politics

+1 y

Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

yes certainly some conspiracy theories end up being true but that's probably what 1% of all theories? but when i think of the 9/11 conspiracy theory it just rings hollow as even in the most... Society & Politics

+1 y

The Democrats Are Moving Further Left

i don't think growing gaps means moving further left or right or simply an entrenchment in ideology. but leadership overall is (both sides) pretty moderate. if the leadership reflects the voters i... Society & Politics

+1 y

Racism towards white people is not wrong?

the statement black lives matter is not racist. it's just a matter of fact. just because it specifies black people shows no superiority or inferiority to white people yes racism is wrong... Society & Politics

+1 y

How to make WWE great again

it's funny the time you sort of suggest that it needs to get back to was already about 10 years past when i'd grown tired of it. i found the attitude era to be dull and diluted. i think the... Sports

+1 y

I feel like black people need to have a serious discussion

Ali later on said he was effectively brain washed by the Nation of Islam into believing things he said about race mixing and other stuff... much like malcom x who later repented many of his... Society & Politics

+1 y

Fireworks for Christmas: How Patriotic!

trumpertantrum... hahaha excelent Society & Politics

+1 y

The Last Time Every National Football League (NFL) Team Made the Postseason (And Their Chances for This Season)

the eagles now have a path to the playoffs through the division and potentially a wildcard which didn't seem possible a few weeks ago. but they have a crazy hard remaining schedule and a secondary... Sports

+1 y

Ted Cruz admits to speaking “lousy Spanish”; Ted Cruz speaks little to conversational Spanish.

he should be very concerned over his future after a essentially unheard of democrat nearly won an election in a deeply red state Society & Politics

+1 y

Debunking Feminism: 5 Privileges Women Experience Over Men

the fact that there are privileges women have doesn't debunk feminism. every demographic on earth experiences privileges it doesn't mean they also aren't oppressed in areas Society & Politics

+1 y

Confessions of a Mixed Race Person: Interracial Marriage is a Bad Thing

well this doesn't make interracial marriage bad it makes your experience as an mixed race person bad... and i know people who are mixed race (my half sister among them) and not all have this... Society & Politics

+1 y

Why I Became A Feminist

great take. i think this is an important perspective to be heard. Society & Politics

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