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Should the #MeToo Movement be Extended to Men?

It is. It's simply a hashtag. Men have been using it all along. Society & Politics

+1 y

Do you believe that men have the right to hit women in self defense?

Only to the extent necessary, but yes, of course. I still recommend getting the fuck outa there. Society & Politics

+1 y

Are interracial relationships being forced by the media?

No. They are a normal thing and should be treated as such. Society & Politics

+1 y

Is it offensive to dress up as Pocahontas?

She was a real person, not a Disney character. Yes, quite offensive. Society & Politics

+1 y

Should women wait until they’ve married and had kids before pursuing their career?

Women should do what they want or need to do, and not be shamed for it. Society & Politics

+1 y

Is having a racial preference racist?

Generally yes, kinda. But having a strong dislike for the oppressive class is not quite the same thing. Society & Politics

+1 y

Are some people's lives worth more than others?

No. We are each a beloved child of God. Society & Politics

+1 y

Do girls like being called chicks?

I think a lot of women find it borderline offensive, but I don't. I think it's just kinda cute. I call other women chicks sometimes. I think it depends on how a person uses it. If a person means... Society & Politics

+1 y

Do you agree that Ngoc Trinh should get a fine for her Cannes dress?

No, and she wasn't in Vietnam, so they need to shut up. Society & Politics

+1 y

Isn't it hilarious "hovering hands" is now a thing?

Hilarious. Not necessary if men are careful who and how they hug. But hilarious. Society & Politics

+1 y

Are Periods beautiful and powerful?

They certainly can be, yes. Society & Politics

+1 y

Should a man open a door for a woman?

Whomever arrives at the door first should hold the door, unless his or her hands are full or something. Society & Politics

+1 y

How do you feel about lonely people?

I hope they find ways to connect with others in a meaningful way. Society & Politics

+1 y

Why are unattractive men and beta males shallow?

There is no such thing as alpha/beta maleness in humans. Human social structures are more complex than that. Society & Politics

+1 y

Do you think I am pregnant?

You may just need a good fart. Women's Day

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