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Is having a racial preference racist?

Generally yes, kinda. But having a strong dislike for the oppressive class is not quite the same thing. Society & Politics

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Are some people's lives worth more than others?

No. We are each a beloved child of God. Society & Politics

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Do you think I am pregnant?

You may just need a good fart. Women's Day

+1 y

Can single people even go out tonight?

I promise you, no one is paying attention or cares. Valentine's Day

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Girls: what are your favorite flowers for Valentines Day?

I like the color yellow a lot, so something like this: Valentine's Day

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How would you make a love potion and what would you want it to do?

Oh, I have TONS of kinds of love spells. I don't usually make potions though, because I don't want to be responsible for sterile processing and bottling at this stage in the game. Here are... Valentine's Day

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Should I give my crush a Valentine’s Day Gift?

Make it small, just a little something, and a little card that says "I have a little crush on you. Wanna talk?" There. Then he will know. And it's not like he's going to be so offended... Valentine's Day

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22-year-old woman kicked out of gym over 'revealing' crop top that 'distracted' men. Opinions?

Men's distractability is not women's problem. Don't like it? Don't look. Men can learn how to deal with seeing women in public. They can. Nothing about a woman's clothes means that the man... Society & Politics

+1 y

Why are people still racist against Jews?

Fear, and feeling impotent in their own lives. They don't know how to create a happy financially stable life for themselves and instead of blaming the systems that actually keep a lot of people in... Society & Politics

+1 y

Should public nudity be fined/punished?

I believe there can be a time and a place for it. I think female toplessness should be allowed anywhere male toplessness is allowed. I think designated beaches and other secluded areas can be... Society & Politics

+1 y

"Men have responsibilities. Women have choices." Agree or Disagree?

I appreciate why it can feel that way, but I don't think it's entirely true. The way the world expects each man to be perfectly strong, breadwinners, who know how to lead and do everything is... Society & Politics

+1 y

Should niqab be banned in public?

Not something we could ban in US. Our Constitution protects religious expression. Society & Politics

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What's your favourite Christmastime treat?

When I was little we made this German specialty that was like sweet cinnamon roll type dough studied with dried fruits and things. And you baked it in old 1 lb metal coffee cans so it would take... Holidays

+1 y

Do you say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

Both, and also Season's greetings. What many people don't understand is that Happy Holidays is Christian in origin. There are many dates between November 1 and January 31st that are celebrated... Holidays

+1 y

What to give a guy for Christmas?

My boyfriend loves pocket gadgets. Holidays

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Do you know any white people that say the n-word?

I can barely let that word pass my lips even if I am talking about how bad it is. I grew up in the "black is beautiful" era, and I was raised to believe it was one of the worst things a person... Society & Politics

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