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Body positivity should apply to men just as much as women, if it is to be taken serious!

Oh, everyone deserves body positivity. Absolutely. I totally agree. Society & Politics

+1 y

My fellow Americans, weep for our science!

Peer review is the norm the world over, because when the goal is to increase human understanding, scientists see themselves as collective team-mates, not competitors. Society & Politics

+1 y

Advice For Up & Coming Young Women (Trigger Warning) 🥒🥒🥒👌

Advice for up and coming young women: live your life for yourself. Don't listen to any of this crap. You can do every bit of this and still end up abused and unhappy. Do what YOU need, for your... Society & Politics

+1 y

Feminism is bad but whose fault is it?

Feminism isn't bad. Some issues feminists care about are obscure, but that doesn't make feminism bad. Dome feminists are very angry and say angry things. That doesn't make feminism bad either.... Society & Politics

+1 y

How Television in Western Culture Perceive Latin Americans

Television doesn't perceive. Television portrays. Good job. Society & Politics

+1 y

First World, Second World, Third World - Outdated and Irrelevant Terminology

The terms are actually Old World, New World and Third World. Society & Politics

+1 y

Ranting on Feminism

Yeah, so if you actually got involved in some feminism you'd know none of this is true. But enjoy your delusions. Society & Politics

+1 y

Racism towards white people is not wrong?

I don't think it's fine or pleasant to hear prejudiced remarks, but I am not even going to claim that what I experience as a white, educated, middle class person is anything like what marginalized... Society & Politics

+1 y

My criticism of psychiatric wards

There's a bit of naivete in this Take, but ultimately I don't disagree with you that these things do still go on. You are misinformed about "shock therapy" though. Modern electroconvulsive... Society & Politics

+1 y

The Normalisation Of Mental Illness

I don't think anyone is trying to "normalize" it. I think people are trying to de-stigmafy it., so people who suffer can feel better about seeking treatment, and not be outcast by society.... Society & Politics

+1 y

Is it Okay to Fight Back Against a Female Aggressor?

Is it ok to pound a woman into the Earth because she play slapped you? No. But if a woman is posing a genuine threat, I think forcefully fending her off and exiting the situation as soon as... Society & Politics

+1 y

The Right To Be Nude In Public

I enjoy nude recreation, and I would like there to be more places to enjoy it, especially at our beaches. I have to drive several hours and climb up and down a little rickety goat trail to get to... Society & Politics

+1 y

Some People Need to Brush up on the Necessity and Definition of Feminism

Nice to know you see it too. No movement is entirely defined by extremists. I don't define all men by their extremists either. Society & Politics

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