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5 Great Ways to Know A Woman Has Good Values and is Special for A Relationship

Good take! I laughed on the groceries point. I imagine you taking your lady through the self checkout thinking “alright now for the test” lol love it. Relationships

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Men Go Their Own Way.

You’re 25. You’re still young. I can’t believe so many people expect to find lifelong partners before 30. It’s very unrealistic. Society & Politics

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My New Interest in Feminism

There’s nothing wrong with emotion and vulnerability. These aren’t feminine characteristics. They’re human characteristics. Understanding how and when to be be emotional or vulnerable isn’t a man... Society & Politics

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Why Christian woman are not supposed to chase men

No woman should ever chase a man. Period. Relationships

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Confessions of a Ladies Man-She's Not Yours, It's Just Your Turn

This coming from a guy who calls himself ladies man? Did you think you’d deserve any better than women who also exercise their options? I certainly hope not. I thought you were better than this. Relationships

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Why the number of sexual partners doesn't matter. A counterpoint to @Truthbringer.

I’d argue that it’s best to disqualify a man who has a strong concern for how many partners she’s slept with in the past. If he has a concern for his own sexual health and safety, that’s... Society & Politics

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Stay at Home Dads...Not that crazy!

I wouldn’t mind my husband being a stay at home dad, but I don’t think it would be all that easy. You have to submit to the kids needs and they’ll dictate a lot of your time. Plus there’s cooking... Society & Politics

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Can We PLEASE get the #MeToo movement to just stop?

I have a friend who records her interactions with sketchy guys. She’s gotten 2 of her bosses fired that way. Seems to work well. Society & Politics

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The Stages of Foreign Travel Infedelity

If you understand how to do relationships properly, this won’t happen and you won’t have to worry. Relationships

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Why Intentionally Holding Out on Sex with Men during dating is Stupid

Your point of view here comes from solipsism. There are many reasons why a woman might not want to have sex as soon as the urge hits her. You can only understand your male point of view, which is... Relationships

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Yes, White Men Love Asian Girls: Debunking Some Myths About WMAF Relationships

Of course a white man can genuinely love an Asian woman, but let’s not pretend as if Asian women aren’t fetishized. “Red pill” men are constantly pedestalizing foreign women on the account that... Relationships

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Steer clear from the relationship "gurus, experts and coaches"

It’s likely you went to the wrong type of professional for what you were looking for or expecting to get out of it. What does this person actually call themselves? Did you read their terms,... Relationships

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How to Handle a Stubborn Disagreement With a Girl You Are Dating

There is a good fundamental here. But more than validation and feeling special is the need to be heard. It can be a simple “I hear you.” But mean it if you say it. You don’t have to agree with... Relationships

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Law For The Common Man: No-Fault Divorce

Very informative, thank you! Forcing couples to stay together is ridiculous. I believe for many, no fault divorce is necessary. Instead of making it more difficult to get divorced, maybe it... Society & Politics

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How to handle a narcissistic girlfriend/wife like a gentleman.

Great take! Sounds like you have a good mindset in place. Relationships

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You Get What You Give! (Why I Love Being A Traditional Woman :) )

I think a lot of men don’t understand what they truly have to give if they want a traditional woman. If he wants a traditional woman, he needs to be a traditional man, meaning he must stay... Relationships

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Why Men Aren’t Committing To Relationships

I learned very early on which men to take and which men to avoid. That is probably the most important first step in relationship happiness. I learned that the Cory Matthews type was a better man... Relationships

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