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How are you celebrating the shortest day of the year?

Sparring, Working, Sleeping. in that order. Holidays

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What Would You Do If You Were The Last Person On Earth and Where Would You Live?

I'd live somewhere different everyday and verify Bieber, Schumer and a few other celebs were truly dead. Then if I die in old age, set the planet to explode after I die. No space looters, we go... Other

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Are you grumpy if someone or something interrupts your sleep (read below)?

I am right there with you! Fuck that guy! (Personally I would've dumped a girl for that.) I am just as angry in the morning. Wake me up early and be prepared for a sea of hate and a VENGEFUL storm... Other

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When you are REALLY struggling with something (mental/physical/emotional) you can't deal with solo, how do you typically deal with it?

I just suck it up. In my experience with loved ones and friends is they usually bunker down and ignore my issues until I'm back being funny ol' me again. Other

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How do you feel about masks still being a thing? Are there things you like and dislike about them?

I can finally protect myself from other people's bad breath, I'm never taking this thing off! Other

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What does this pic say to you?

A field trip. Other

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Do you think “I want your body” sound like a death threat?

Depends on gender and gruffness. Other

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How can you just settle for someone?

Because a person may not be great for you but most days finding a good one is challenge enough. Relationships

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I turn 16 in 2 days. What teenage wisdom can you share?

You want Wisdom from teen aged me... "It's 2:17 in the morning." Other

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Adults, what are your assumptions about teens now a days?

They lack context in their conversations, jumping straight to accusations instead. Other

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Is it reasonable for me (21 year old female) to reject going out with a 49 year old male course mate from my university?

The older you get the less friends you have to hang out with. People start families, important careers and Life itself takes a few away along the way. You try to form new friendships but you've... Other

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If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

Grumpy Fowl Mouthed Sarcastic Old Bastard with Outdated Opinions! Other

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Cheated in the past but he can’t let go, advice?

Cheating in the youthful yet distant past- hey everyone needs to learn the lesson once. Cheating in your 30s- You knew better and still failed to let the lesson sink in. Life's a lottery,... Relationships

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Do you have/take pictures of your significant other together?

Not together no. Individually yes. If she's with me I'm preoccupied with making the memory a good one. The only time I take her picture is when she's doing something mundane or trivial that she... Relationships

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Right before you fall asleep, what's on your mind?

I try to end on a happy thought. Other

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