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Do guys always remember their first love?

Nope, I forget almost everything about the first woman I slept with. She just kind of took me, it was confusing as all hell, I was young, she was older, and that went on for a while, I only... Relationships

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Do you vote 😂?

I vote if there's a candidate worth voting for, like they have even one policy I agree with, and not a greater number I strongly disagree with. I voted for W, Obama, and Trump, they all had... Society & Politics

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Why isn’t the government creating more jobs in America 🤔?

In my view it's less of a problem that the government is creating jobs in America, or has a responsibility to, but is excluding jobs. The red tape in the US is no joke, I've worked federal, state,... Society & Politics

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Would you relinquish your military assault type weapon?

I forget where, but in the past I've lined safes with visqueen and buried them, trick is only put like 5 weapons in and about 2k rounds of ammo with desiccant. Laws pass, they're popular for a hot... Society & Politics

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Science proves people without guns don't shoot people. Why is this so hard for some people to grasp?

Let's see, mass shooting in Norway with a bow and arrow last year. Both are designed to penetrate a target and cause death by bleeding, arrows are far more efficient. You can shoot a deer with a... Society & Politics

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If a guy really loves you will he commit regardless of being ready or not?

If the girl really loves the guy would she pressure him to? It's definitely something to talk about if you're in that place and feel like your relationship needs more definition, boundaries,... Relationships

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Is it possible to be a pro gun-pro choice, republican?

Sure, though libertarian might be more accurate, generally Republicans do gobble up that block. You won't get "kicked out" of the Republican party for disagreeing with some of its viewpoints, even... Other

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Why are people politicizing this tragedy to push their anti gun agenda?

It's a pattern, if you don't embrace women being superior to men, you must be a misogynist, to not support black lives matter makes you a racist, to point out that these shootings only happen in... Society & Politics

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Democrats want to raise the age to buy a rifle to 21 but it is okay for 16 year olds to vote? Agree?

Buying is different than ownership. It's already 21 to buy pistols, I had a pistol, and a couple shotguns when I was 16, private sales are a state to state thing. Any federal law or executive... Society & Politics

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He no longer wants a relationship?

You can't do anything if you're the only one that cares. You're an NSA side piece, possibly the only one, maybe one of many. Regardless you are a place holder until someone better comes along. He... Relationships

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In America why were there far less shootings in the past when my Grandparents were growing up?

Actually there were less gun laws, with less enforcement of the existing ones. Finances seem to be the main motivation. Most of our current gun laws for silencers and machine guns went on the book... Society & Politics

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Non-Americans, is this problem common in your country?

I think everything changed not when the technology matured, or had more proliferation, but when the phone companies got smarter. I had a blackberry when it had the little spinny wheel on the... Society & Politics

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Do you think guns should be banned?

No, for several reasons. 1. How would you recover them? There are 1.2 guns for every person in America, though the estimate is that's in about 25% of households, that's spicey. 2. 2nd... Society & Politics

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Have you seen these hypocrite pigs?

Well, for anxious parents he would seem like an asshole. On the flip side of that, let's say 20 of those parents had guns and wanted to go be a hero. What does the shooter look like, is he a... Society & Politics

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Would you support dropping certain russian sanctions if russia stops attacking food exports in the black sea?

Fighting against Russia is stupid in the first place. We're pushing them towards having a strategic alliance with China, and any non-Nato country to revive a bigger and better warsaw pact. Oh... Society & Politics

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Are you racist?

It wouldn't matter if I was or wasn't, in the US whites and blacks are decreasing. Though with white people most of that "loss" is just having kids with a different race, which I totally get, I'm... Society & Politics

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Where do you want the world to be in 5 years?

Sowing less division among ourselves and getting back into space and basic research. There's so much to learn, and so much we can do to ensure the survival of our species, like colonizing the... Society & Politics

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Uh oh! You died! But fear not! You get to be reincarnated as someone new. Which person do you choose to come back to life as?

Going from those options for a second chance, I pick G, the eternal silence. Or if it's where everyone that rejected the other options is going and still conscious, The Good Place lol Other

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In the wake of the Uvalde shooting, do you agree with Ben Shapiro’s thoughts on the matter?

Of course, there are 1.2 guns for every 1 person in America today. Anytime "gun control" goes on the news, that number goes up, along with the number of gun owners. So now let's say it's at 1.3.... Society & Politics

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Why are Americans so attached to carrying guns?

Depending on where you are, and if you have flags in the ATF it is difficult to purchase a firearm, here it's a 10 minute sheet to fill out, and the wait from the background check depends on... Society & Politics

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