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Now that gas prices are dropping like a rock, what will be the top thing conservatives whine about?

"Gas prices dropping" while technically correct, they're still the highest they've been since the housing market collapse in 2008. So For July the numbers are lower than June, but still higher... Society & Politics

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Have you ever been in a state of Limerence?

I think another name for that would be puppy love. Sometimes when I'm dating a new girl I get a strong feeling like ahh, she's going to be the puzzle piece that fits, the girl that will be with me... Relationships

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When I shoot with my pistol, the sound is very low, it's like an air gun, why?

Probably subsonic ammo, you should at least be getting a crack when the sound barrier is broken. Besides the sound, is the recoil noticeably lower than the last ammo you loaded it with? Some... Other

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Are any of you 'whisper refugees'?

I tried using it on the phone before, and it's like trying to get neutered bulls to go be studs after you've used it on PC. It isn't just having a keyboard either, so many features just weren't... Other

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How important is safety for you?

For myself, not so much, risks can be accompanied by reward, and condoms are a nuisance. For my family I'm very conscious of safety though, places I would go or work at alone, some of them I would... Other

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In America why were there far less shootings in the past when my Grandparents were growing up?

Actually there were less gun laws, with less enforcement of the existing ones. Finances seem to be the main motivation. Most of our current gun laws for silencers and machine guns went on the book... Society & Politics

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Do you think guns should be banned?

No, for several reasons. 1. How would you recover them? There are 1.2 guns for every person in America, though the estimate is that's in about 25% of households, that's spicey. 2. 2nd... Society & Politics

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Have you seen these hypocrite pigs?

Well, for anxious parents he would seem like an asshole. On the flip side of that, let's say 20 of those parents had guns and wanted to go be a hero. What does the shooter look like, is he a... Society & Politics

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Would you support dropping certain russian sanctions if russia stops attacking food exports in the black sea?

Fighting against Russia is stupid in the first place. We're pushing them towards having a strategic alliance with China, and any non-Nato country to revive a bigger and better warsaw pact. Oh... Society & Politics

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Where do you want the world to be in 5 years?

Sowing less division among ourselves and getting back into space and basic research. There's so much to learn, and so much we can do to ensure the survival of our species, like colonizing the... Society & Politics

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Why are Americans so attached to carrying guns?

Depending on where you are, and if you have flags in the ATF it is difficult to purchase a firearm, here it's a 10 minute sheet to fill out, and the wait from the background check depends on... Society & Politics

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And again, another shooting... why?

More guns, less bullets. Not as in magazine capacity or anything stupid like that. Fertilizer prices are high right now, and you have two big chemicals needed, phosphates and nitrates. You need a... Society & Politics

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Is the role of the government to save us from abortions and trans people or fix the damn Healthcare system, fix the highways, and fix the schools?

Neither. The interstate system is technically the only long term commitment of the federal government out of those listed. Schools get messed up because of the government creating nice... Society & Politics

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Is it racist to hate the human species the entire human race everyone on the planet earth?

Not at all, that makes you a supporter of no lives matter. We're all equally worthless scum that weigh more by mass in bacteria and waste than we do human cells. White, black, yellow, whatever. I... Society & Politics

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What do you think of russian people in general?

People, just like people anywhere else in the world, they do what they can to survive, and like any other foreign language it sounds sexy when women speak it, but like jibberish when men do. I... Society & Politics

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I lost the desire to debate and you?

Sometimes. Part of why I got on here was because this was and is a place that isn't so much of an echo chamber. Like anywhere else you will run into people who are so entrenched in their "truth"... Society & Politics

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If America got their independence from Britain on July 4 1776, then why did that war continue for 5 years?

Think of the war of independence similarly to libertarians wanting a civil conflict today. They'd have to be pushed really hard to first, fight back instead of talk about it, and two, cooperate... Society & Politics

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Guys, What do you think about Biden invoking the Defense Production Act, 'Operation Fly Formula' to address shortage?

The military should not be mobilized inside the US, national guard, sure, but except for training exercises it's a bad precedent. We don't need the military to produce more baby formula. You can... Society & Politics

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How do you feel about the Covid-19 Pandemic? Was it Real, a Hoax or some shady government business 🤔 ?

I think it was real as far as our lack of information in the beginning, and trying to figure out how damaging it could be, infectivity, lethality, etc. After we figured out that it was highly... Society & Politics

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Why do people rape others?

You got me there. More confusing to me was when I was working in bars seeing people get drugged that rather than working solo they'd work in 2 man or more teams... Like how does that conversation... Society & Politics

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