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Is car mechanic a bad profession?

I assume you mean auto mechanic. You are from Turkey and I have no idea how much mechanics make there. Here in the US they make close to the national median pay. They make a decent living, and can... Education & Career

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How do u feel witnessing co workers getting fired or forcing to leave?

I've been around close to a hundred people who got fired or laid off. They were roughly split between three companies, with a handful at other companies. At one company I went to work one day to... Education & Career

7 d

Does anyone know how to use another way of paying "with your money in the bank" without using a (bank card), or a (pre-paid visa) online?

If I understand the question, then you can use PayPal. You need to open a PayPal account. Then you need to link that account to your bank. PayPal will deposit a small amount (like 20 cents) to you... Education & Career

13 d

Did you ever get test burned out when you were in school or college?

No. But then I never stressed over tests and did little to no studying for them. It was just another day of class for me. Education & Career

14 d

Is there lawyer for this, harassment for medical condition at work?

There are plenty of lawyers who specialize in employment law. Look one up and talk to them. They should let you know fairly quickly if you have a case. But be aware that some will gladly take your... Education & Career

18 d

Some overseas jobs I can apply for (admin stuff)?

What do you have to offer that they can't find locally? Do you have the proper visas, work permits and/or sponsors? The answers to those questions should narrow it down quite a bit. Education & Career

19 d

I declined a job offer and the boss was so rude to me but why?

Do I understand this right? The boss was rude to you because you declined? Maybe because he felt you wasted his time. He's frustrated for going through that process, then you turned it down. There... Education & Career

19 d

Worthing sticking it out for that future Director role? If there is one?

It's hard to say. Your boss might have good intentions. But they could also be stringing you along. Does such a position even exist? If not, does your boss have the authority to create that... Education & Career

19 d

Boys to Hardware Store, Girls to Library for hair and makeup?

Only one day? When I was in school boys were required to take Industrial Arts, which was wood working, metal working, drafting, welding, etc. Girls were required to take Home Ec. which was... Education & Career

21 d

What’s the biggest tip that you’ve made as a waiter/waitress?

I've never been a server. But (adjusted for inflation) I got around $60 for delivering one pizza. That was back when delivery people didn't usually get tipped at all. That one tip was about what I... Education & Career

26 d

Should school take IQ test of students before starting, so they can separate smart kids and put them in different classes?

That's how it used to be done, or at least that was part of it. I mean grades ultimately decided which level class we were in, but IQ tests were a starting point - or maybe a goal. When I was in... Education & Career

26 d

Upon hearing the name “Moscow State University”, does it sound prestigious?

Nope. I've never seen them on any tops lists. Granted, those lists have a lot to be desired. The true quality of a school in not easy to define or measure. The prestigious universities that... Education & Career

1 mo

What would be the best summer job?

I can only say what I have always regretted. I regretted that I never took a summer job at a national park like Yellowstone or whatever. In hind site, the pay didn't matter, and the work didn't... Education & Career

1 mo

Should we create a new language for international communication?

We already have English, which will be better than any constructed language like Esperanto. There is FAR more to language than a bunch of words and structure. No constructed language could ever... Education & Career

1 mo

Have you ever quit a job before you even got started?

Yes. I was on the road moving across the country. I stopped to look around at a small town along the way - a town in mountain forests. I just happened to see a small business with a name that... Education & Career

1 mo

What are the coveted roles at your employer?

I worked in engineering for many years. Most engineers don't have any desire to do anything else. Very few move on to non-engineering positions, unless they start their own business. Education & Career

1 mo

Any good sites/app for job search?

Those sites are mostly good for making contact with recruiters, not for finding specific jobs. For that purpose, most of the larger sites will work. Pick multiple sites, look for recruiters with a... Education & Career

1 mo

Which is correct GRAMMAR?

A collective noun can be either plural or singular. It partly depends on whether it is AmE or BrE. AmE tends to treat collective nouns as singular, and BrE tends to treat them as plural. BUT,... Education & Career

1 mo

Does this mean that I am a supervisor?

You aren't a supervisor unless they tell you that you're a supervisor. But symbology counts for a lot. Show you deserve it and it may become official. Other employees can't help but notice. If you... Education & Career

1 mo

Would you donate to a charity that has the CEO making $1 million per year?

Hell no! Or at least they better make a very strong case for that CEO being that much better for the charity than a cheaper CEO. I don't know if a million-dollar CEO is worth it for a cause.... Education & Career

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